Overlooking the stunning Gulf of Trieste, on the border between Italy and Slovenia, a bikepacking adventure without support from the organization. The fifth edition will start on June 2021.


Carso Trail is a dream that comes true: the passion for two wheels and the love for the adventure meets a sincere land, rich of colors, smells and flavors.
We offer you the best we found out in twenty years of raids on the territory: steep slopes, single tracks in the woods, breathtaking views and memorable refreshments, all into an unique experience to be interpreted freely.

The are few rules: traffic laws in the urban areas, common sense, respect for nature and fair play from start to finish. There are nearly 350 km of track 70% off-road and 99% ridable; in due course we will provide the GPS track to follow.

The highest point is the summit of Mount Nanos, Slovenia, at 1250mt. The total ascent  is approximately of 6500mt. Assistance is not provided by the organization, it will be just you and your bike. There are no time limits to reach the destination and you will have to decide how to approach the trail, splitting it up in stages, choosing when and where to eat and where and when to sleep or whether to try to make a single trip, precisely a dream trip!


It’s up to you to decide how and whether to split the path, where and when to eat, where and when sleep.


No assistance will be provided by the organization. It will be just you with your bike.


It ‘s not a race. There are no time limits.


Once enrolled, in due course we will provide the GPS track. You’ll have to follow the route fully without cuts.

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