The Carso Trail is a non-competitive cycling event reserved exclusively for members of the Bike Soul SSDrl (henceforth also called event or adventure).

Art. 1 – Registration
All persons from all nationalities who have reached the age of 18 at the time of registration are admitted to the event.

Art. 2 – Membership
The Carso Trail is an event reserved exclusively for members of the Bike Soul SSDrl. Those who are not members of the aforementioned sports club will become so when registering for the event. The Organization may, at any time and at its sole discretion, decide whether to accept the registration or exclude a member from the event if it may damage the image of the event.

ART. 3 – Medical certificate
All participants are REQUIRED to submit a valid “Health Certificate for cardiovascular intensive sport activity (cycling races/events)”. The medical certificate must be sent by email to

The uploaded certificate will be checked within 45 days from the date of departure. Anyone who does not comply with this requirement will not be deemed to be properly registered and is not entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

Art. 4 – Route and track
The route starts in Monfalcone loc. Marina Julia and ends in Monfalcone loc. Marina Julia. The route has a length of about 350 km. The route runs on gravel roads, single track and asphalted roads.
The organization will provide all participants with a complete route map to be followed until the arrival at Monfalcone loc. Marina Julia; it also informs that, at any time and for any safety reasons, as well as traffic and road conditions, including road works, detours and any other unpredictable situation that may be encountered along the planned route, each participant is free, at his own discretion, to leave the route and resume it as soon as these critical conditions have ceased and safety will be guaranteed again. Therefore, participants can divert from the track provided at any time and resume it later, using alternative routes at their own discretion, if the conditions so require. The organization reserves the right to change the route until a few days before departure.

Art. 5 – Common departure

Event date and place of departure: 11/06/2021 – Monfalcone loc. Marina Julia, Italy.

Registration and competition pack collection: 10/06/2021 – Monfalcone loc. Marina Julia, Italy

The detailed program of the event will be available to each participant via email.

Art. 6 – Compliance with the traffic laws

The Carso Trail is a FREE EXCURSION PEDALING on asphalt roads; the entire route will always be open to traffic and, therefore, it is mandatory for all participants to comply with the traffic laws. It is also mandatory to have a kit for repairs and punctures.

Art. 7 – Characteristics of the event – warning

All participants have to:

be physically prepared to face any long cycling periods

be able to adapt themselves

be able to use GPS and basic orientation

In the spirit of bikepacking, any kind of external support is forbidden (except in case of emergency).

Art. 8 – Registration and participation fee

Opening of registration: 15/02/2021 – 12 a.m.

Closing of registration: 02/05/2021

Registration fee:

39 euro

Registration includes:

Full media coverage of the event through ____________-, with live content production for the whole duration of the event.
MSP 2021 Membership
Full route track in .gpx format
Digital Guide
Carso Trail 2021 map
Carso Trail gadgets
Event pack
Inclusion in the 2021 Finisher page

Art. 10 – Validity of registration

The registration can be considered valid only after completing the electronic registration procedure with subsequent electronic crediting of the amount in favor of the organizer and sending the medical certificate (which must be sent within 45 days of departure to the mailbox .

The Carso Trail organization may, at any time and at its sole discretion, without further reason, decide whether to accept the registration of any person.Art. 11 – Substitution and waiver of participation

With reference to the event, it is not possible to request the substitution of a participant once he is registered. If a registered participant does not participate in the Event, the participation fee will not be refunded in any case and the competition pack will not be sent.

Art. 12 – Cancellation and change of location/date of the event

Cancellation – If, for reasons of force majeure, the event should not take place, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded, but the participation fee alone will be considered valid in case of application for the next edition. The organization will also be entitled to a contribution regarding the sport card and secretarial expenses equal to €14.00 for the postponement of the registration to the following year. The application for registration to the following year and the payment of the sport card and secretarial fee must be made within the date specified by the organization after the cancellation of the event.

Change of location/date – In addition, due to force majeure or other serious reasons, which could jeopardize the preparation of the event or the participation of at least half of the people registered, the Organization reserves the right to change the location and/or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the fee paid for the registration will be valid for the event on the rescheduled date, without any additional cost for the members. However, it is not possible to transfer the registration to the following year’s edition.

Art. 13 – Changes

In the face of new environmental and/or health circumstances and/or changes in the regulatory framework, the Organization reserves the right to make the consequent reasonable changes to the regulations at any time. The official website of the event where these regulations are published constitutes the only reference for information on the event. Therefore, it will not be possible to invoke any different contents present in previous communications via newsletter, in the press or on social media.

Art. 14 – Approval, consent, authorization, etc…

By applying to Carso Trail, from the time of registration, each participant:

• declares to have read and approved these Regulations and to accept all parts of them;

• guarantees his conduct during and after the event;

• declares to be in good physical condition and to have given the organization a valid medical certificate after undergoing a medical aptitude examination for cycling practice, releasing the organization from liability for any damage that may be suffered as a result of his participation in the event;

• declares that he is aware that the event is non-competitive and has no rankings but just an order of arrival based on the personal timing in order to have a security check on all participants;

• declares to be aware that there is no health care, food and mechanical service from the organizers of Carso Trail cycling event;

• declares to be aware that there is no service for picking up participants who pulled out, nor are there any obligations on the part of the organizers;

• Declares to be aware that there is no obligation on the part of the organization to guard the roads crossed by the cyclists who are taking part in the event;

• declares to be aware that the participation fee will not be refunded in any case;

• declares to have experience and to be aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and to be able to orient and cycle in the hills and medium mountains in such conditions;

• declares to be aware that the organizer “Bike Soul SSDrl” is not a professional organizer, but it acts only for recreational purposes and not for financial purposes (1174 Civil Code); therefore, the participation in the Carso Trail is always by free choice and for recreational purposes. It follows that the above-mentioned organizer, SSDrl, has not and, in any case, is released from any liability related to the Carso Trail tour. It is also released from any liability for events that occurred to the cyclist during the Carso Trail such as: accidents, loss of route, physical problems, theft, etc… Therefore, it follows that the Carso Trail cycling tour is intended to be a mere spontaneous and independent gathering of cyclists and amateur cyclists on free and personal tours;

• declares that, participating in the Carso Trail cycling tour, he waives any legal action in any capacity against the SSDrl organizer mentioned above, recognizing that it is a non-professional association acting for recreational purposes without the requirements (pursuant to art. 1174 Civil Code).

• declares to be aware that the trademarks and materials of the event are protected by copyright with EUIPO international license and, therefore, cannot be reproduced or modified without prior written authorization from the organizer.

• gives his consent to the use of his personal data, also for commercial purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Consolidation Act no. 196 of 30/06/2003 and the European Union Privacy Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18);

• gives the organizers the widest consent to the use of any video and/or photographic images taken during the days of the event, in the manner permitted by law, including for profit, while giving the organization the right to transfer these images to third parties.

The aforesaid authorization to use one’s images must be understood as being given indefinitely and without territorial limits throughout the world, for use in various publications and videos, including, but not limited to, promotional and/or advertising materials on all media. The organization may also assign the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties and to its institutional and commercial partners.

The organization refuses any responsibility for itself and its collaborators, for accidents or damage to persons or things, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of it.

Art. 15 – Processing and registration of personal data

The processing and registration of personal data will be carried out by the following company:

Bike Soul SSDrl

59100 Prato (PO), Italy

Tax code/ Vat no. 02379130970

The personal data of all participants will be processed and registered in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Consolidation Act no. 196 of 30/06/2003 and the European Union Privacy Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18).08


Carso Trail organization.


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